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Cannabis is a Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine is based on studies of how our mind, mood, thoughts, and emotions affect our bodies. Yet, why is it not motivating enough to want to change a harmful mindset knowing all the information that is put out there? Why are we humans not doing anything about how we are feeling even when we know how powerful the mind is?

The answer to that question is simple. Humans long for scientific evidence before they are able to believe something and thanks to today's research there is evidence so let's talk about it. Starting with how stress affects our bodies and what some options are to calm those triggers with natural options.

Beginning with the most common stress-reducing alternatives; some leave their technology devices aside for the first and last hour of the day or go for a walk in nature after a long day. Others prefer going to treat themselves at a SPA and perhaps get a massage, or something as simple as sitting in your home on the floor and meditating. While mindfulness- and breathing techniques help the brain process thoughts and bring them to awareness. Even going to therapy and learning to turn negative thoughts into positive ones is an option for many.

Yet, one option remains, cannabis. Thanks to cannabis many patients have been fortunate enough to come in touch with the prescribed drug yet there are many more out there who can benefit from cannabis as it helps with intractable illnesses that weren't responding to other forms of treatment like MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, IBS, autoimmune diseases, and many many more.

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