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The Dope Tax Group is here to educate you and help you excel in the cannabis space. You keep making awesome products, we will take care of the numbers for you. Cannabis businesses have no exemption from their employment tax obligations, and as with other small businesses, they often need to make quarterly tax payments.

So what are we at The Dope Tax Group offering? Everything regarding:

Why do we need the Dope Tax Group?

Because we are a trustworthy company with a certified advisor in the lead, we can help you work around the 280E to maximize the deduction. It is exemplary to learn from successful businesses and how they are doing to get around the complicated tax laws, but it does not have to be complicated.

The Dope Tax Group is getting around section 280e with SMART corporation structures. For example, dividing the company into two separate businesses where one is responsible for the production and distribution of the cannabis and the other holds any activities legal under federal law and have nothing to do with section 280e. If you still have questions contact us, and we will guide you in the right direction. Never hold back a question; it can be a breakthrough for your business.

Also, do not forget to check on the events that I will be attending

August 26th-27th, 2022

Albany Capital Center | 55 Eagle Street, Albany, NY

Exhibit Hall Hours Friday: 10am-5pm | Saturday: 10am-4pm

September 9th-10th, 2022

Atlantic City Convention Center 1 Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ

OCTOBER 7-8, 2022

Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM Jackson Convention Complex

Oct. 10-12, 2022

New Jersey Convention Center

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