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The Amazing Connection Between Weed and Health

Cannabis and CBD continue to be an emerging field of study and more research is lifting the benefits and positive outcomes associated with a healthier mind-body connection. One cancer survivor, fighter, and inspiration called Elise Keller created a community that should be heard.

In a TED talk, Elise talks about her win against breast cancer and how she started to build a community that helped women overcome one of the worst diseases in the world, cancer. Elise stresses how the view of being "healthy" is skewed. How she believed she was healthy because she was following all of the recommended healthy lifestyles including exercise, balanced nutrition, minimized exposure to harmful chemicals, and regular doctorial checkups. The more Elise researched cannabis the more she found how this drug was a gateway to new understandings of what whole health means in a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, a healthy lifestyle does require us to exercise, eat a balanced diet, avoid dangerous chemicals and go to our annual checkups but it also means having a healthy mind and body connection. Nevertheless, the reason Elise started Rise CannaCoaching was to find meaningful information for her future self and whoever might cross the same path that she had been on. One of the most crucial points was how Elise discovered that cannabis supports the endocannabinoid system all along with the treatments and even after. Lastly, how taking cannabis lead to a better understanding of herself and her lifestyle.

However, without a healthy mind where our emotions and thoughts work together towards common goals, there is no healthy body. Thanks to cannabis coaching and through founding what works for Elise a whole community has been created and continues to grow. Remember, the body is only as healthy as the mind is.

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