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More Than Just Business

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Are you ready to run a cannabis company?

This blog is all about learning to work the tax codes regarding cannabis. We have established that there are various types of businesses but far from different is the cannabis business. It is extraordinary in many ways, foremost concerning the 280e.

Moreover, as earlier established, much evidence shows that CBD has therapeutic and healing properties, and every human being will experience stress in one form or another. Stress can be defined differently, but this is true: no matter if it is mental or physical stress, too much of it will ultimately lead to chronic mental diseases.

The causes of stress might vary but remember that CBD can lessen regular seizures, help treat insomnia, minimize panic attacks, treat certain types of depression and anxiety, and reduce pain, arthritis, and inflammation, so why not take it?

In addition, more and more patients are giving positive feedback on cannabis, yet the law for legalization is not the same. Even though that is a story for another blog post, it is imperative to lift this topic in the community. More positive feedback on cannabis will help more people, and all the world needs is to help more people stay healthy and alive.

The demand is high, but the supply is low. Start your cannabis business now, and we will help you on the way.

Why are we talking about life and well-being when this is a blog about tax laws?

Because it all comes together and at Jackson Complex Convention on October 7-8, 2022, your DopeTax Group will be speaking and visiting around in the boots talking about important questions like:

Spend your time learning, developing, and thriving in one fast-growing business. See you in Jackson!

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