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Services Offered

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Fractional CFO Work


Fractional CFO can step in and clear a path through the web of numbers and statistics.

2.Optimize strategy

Businesses run on money, which means that CFOs, as the financial gatekeepers, are essential to strategy formulation and optimization. 

In other words, your fractional CFO can test your strategy and tell you if it's financially viable. And if not, what can be done to optimize it.

3.Implement systems

A fractional CFO can field his or her experience to ensure that the implementation of new systems is smooth and glitch-free and is done without any disruption to your existing workflow.

4.Raise capital

Business expansion requires the infusion of new capital. From valuing the company, to speaking with potential investors, to taking care of the post-deal paperwork and due diligence, a fractional CFO becomes indispensable to the process of raising capital. 

5.Navigate an audit or transaction

An audit may involve a microscopic inspection of not just a company's cash flow but also procurement and purchasing systems, taxation, and every transaction involving the exchange of money.

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Bookkeeping is the process of tracking all of your company's financial transactions, usually by entering them into accounting software or a physical set of “books.” It lets you see exactly where your business is spending money, where your revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you'll be able to claim.

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 Tax Work 

Cannabis businesses have no exemption from their employment tax obligations, and as with other small businesses, they often need to make quarterly tax payments.

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